Monday, 12 January 2009

The Past is Forever Present.

I was going through my things just now, when I came across an old love letter from my ex. I used to find them everywhere, under the pillow, in my wallet, in my pocket, beside a cup of tea...

I keep them all in a little box of dusty memories. I sometimes wish I was the sort of person that burned their bridges and moved on without ever looking back. I never let go. Some would say that you can not let go of love. There is a line in the English Patient that goes something like: Every night I rip my heart out, but in the morning it is full again. How true. I think it best to try and leave your heart where it is and acknowledge the fact that you are a prisoner of sorts. All the more reason to hope that you find a kind jailer. One day, you may be given the key.

I thought I would post this note because that which is loved is never really lost. In memory, love lasts forever.

The past is forever present.

The message inside the star: Please, let us be forever, I don't know if I'd like the world without you xxx

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