Monday, 9 March 2009

Lost and Abandoned

Town was fun. I sat in the mall eating food cooked by kids and enjoyed my chemical tasting coffee and watched the world go about its daily duties. Mice on the wheel. As I sat there taking it all in, I noticed that a big lost and abandoned bag lay at my feet. I pondered on the obvious, 'Was it a bomb?' I considered my choices:
(a) inform the kiddie cooks
(b) move away to somewhere safe and out of range
(c) take the bag somewhere quiet to see if it contained any treasures.

I decided in the end to just finish my meal in peace, figuring that if it was a bomb, I would at least make front page news as the guy who was sat nearest when it went off; the guy whose blood, guts and arse-hole flew through his brain along with a half eaten bean burger.

On my way out of the mall I decided to inform the zombie clerk at the information desk about the abandoned bag. Her brain fired into action and her eyes flared like a red light. I could almost hear a siren go off inside her. Without even a thank you she got straight on her phone and spoke with urgency to some other zombie mall robot who obviously knew what to do in just such a life threatening situation.

I didn't bother to stick around to watch the anti-climax unfold. That bag just contained a whole load of worthless shit that teenagers haul from one place to the next. No wonder it was abandoned.

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